FOP files second grievance over OKCPD minimum staffing levels

Published: May 9, 2017
By: Austin Prickett & Shardaa Gray, Fox 25 

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The Oklahoma City lodge of the Fraternal Order of Police has filed a second grievance against the Oklahoma City Police Department over staffing issues.

The Oklahoma City Police Department confirms that they received the second grievance May 5. On April 7, the FOP filed their first grievance claiming that the department failed to maintain minimum staffing on patrol divisions.

The new grievance claims that following the first complaint the department unilaterally issued new minimum staffing guidelines changing the previous standards without incorporating bargaining.

“Staffing is a subject of bargaining and has been discussed in collective bargaining as recently as last year. Imposing unilateral changes in this subject violates the City’s duty to bargain changes in the CBA,” FOP President John George said.

The new grievance asks for the department to reinstate and maintain minimum staffing as it existed prior to the change.

In response to the grievance, Oklahoma City Police Department Chief Bill Citty alleges that there has never been a bargaining agreement concerning “specific minimum staffing levels”.

“The City of Oklahoma City has always maintained staffing levels are an employer right that is supported by the Collective Bargaining Agreement,” Citty said in response.

Citty said the department will “continue to reserve the right to manage personnel staffing levels to best meet public safety needs and the safety of police officers”.

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