How many officers does the Oklahoma City Police Department (OKCPD) have?

As of May 2017, the police department employs just under 1,080 officers. However, only 618 officers are on patrol and answering 911 calls.  This is about the same number as 20 years ago. In that time, our population has increased by 200,000 residents.

How many additional officers are needed?

In 2013, Oklahoma City Police Chief Bill Citty issued a report saying we needed 1,311 officers. We need more than 200 more officers to reach that number.

How does the inadequate number of officers impact public safety?

When OKCPD is not able to adequately staff a shift, response times to 911 calls increase. In Oklahoma City, the average response time for highest priority calls is over 8 minutes. Violent crimes have also increased: 20% more murders and 60% more forcible rapes since 2011.

The inadequate number of officers on the street also affects officer safety. For example, it takes longer for back-up to arrive.

How will Oklahoma City fund more officers?

On Sept. 12, Oklahoma City voters will decide on a new, quarter-cent sales tax to help fund public safety. If it passes, the quarter-cent tax would generate an estimated $25 to $27 million per year. This is enough money to hire, train and equip additional officers.

What happens if this measure doesn’t pass?

If the permanent sales tax does not pass, it will be up to city leaders to find ways to fund more officers. If they cannot, residents will continue to see fewer officers protecting more people.

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